I am a joint American Studies-Film and Media Studies doctoral candidate with a dissertation project entitled “‘You Just Type’: Women Television Writers in 1950s America.”

My areas of expertise include media industry studies, classical and contemporary Hollywood (film and television), gender and sexuality, and American documentary. Before I came to Yale, I did my bachelor and masters’ degrees at Columbia University, interned at a soap opera and a movie studio, and worked at an independent film distributor.

I also program events for the Public Humanities Working Group and the Yale Film Colloquium and served as the Director of Programming for the 2015 Environmental Film Festival at Yale. For the 2013-2014 school year, I was Yale’s American Studies Graduate Student Liaison.

My creative credits include having had my one-act play produced by the wonderful Looking Glass Theatre in NYC and having been published in the literary magazine, Quarto.

I’m more of a “E! True Hollywood Story” person than I am a “VH1’s Behind the Music” person, but that goes without saying.

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