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APRIL 6, 2022

People are reading my work! Smart people! Famous people! If you want to be smart and famous, maybe *you* should read it too? 😉

Please take a look at Sophia Stewart’s review of my book, THEIR OWN BEST CREATIONS: WOMEN WRITERS IN POSTWAR TELEVISION, in The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Aaaaand check out my loving tribute to I’m Sorry, which got a thumbs-up from the comedy luminary that is… show creator Andrea Savage (eeee!)

MARCH 16, 2022

Thanks so much to Dave O’Brien at the New Books Network for interviewing me about Their Own Best Creations. Please click here to listen!

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

What a victory lap to launch THEIR OWN BEST CREATIONS: WOMEN WRITERS IN POSTWAR TELEVISION (University of California Press, Jan. 2022) alongside my illustrious colleague, Liz Clarke, whose book, THE AMERICAN GIRL GOES TO WAR, came out from Rutgers U Press the same time! The generous and brilliant Shelley Stamp gave us lovely introductions and led the conversation with our lively, engaged attendees… thanks to all who joined 🙂

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Thanks to Dr. Joshua Glick at Hendrix College for inviting me to speak about my job at the Los Angeles Review of Books! It was a pleasure to sit down with this engaged group of students to discuss how I select essays to commission, what the internet has done to — and for! — the genre of the film review, and why I personally don’t do videographic criticism.

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