In which I talk about when I talk about writing. And editing.

APRIL 6, 2022

People are reading my work! Smart people! Famous people! If you want to be smart and famous, maybe *you* should read it too? 😉

Please take a look at Sophia Stewart’s review of my book, THEIR OWN BEST CREATIONS: WOMEN WRITERS IN POSTWAR TELEVISION, in The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Aaaaand check out my loving tribute to I’m Sorry, which got a thumbs-up from the comedy luminary that is… show creator Andrea Savage (eeee!)

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

What a victory lap to launch THEIR OWN BEST CREATIONS: WOMEN WRITERS IN POSTWAR TELEVISION (University of California Press, Jan. 2022) alongside my illustrious colleague, Liz Clarke, whose book, THE AMERICAN GIRL GOES TO WAR, came out from Rutgers U Press the same time! The generous and brilliant Shelley Stamp gave us lovely introductions and led the conversation with our lively, engaged attendees… thanks to all who joined 🙂

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Thanks to Dr. Joshua Glick at Hendrix College for inviting me to speak about my job at the Los Angeles Review of Books! It was a pleasure to sit down with this engaged group of students to discuss how I select essays to commission, what the internet has done to — and for! — the genre of the film review, and why I personally don’t do videographic criticism.