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Editing and Cultural Curation: Visiting Hendrix College, November 2021

Thanks to Dr. Joshua Glick at Hendrix College for inviting me to speak about my job at the Los Angeles Review of Books! It was a pleasure to sit down with this engaged group of students to discuss how I select essays to commission, what the internet has done to — and for! — the […]


Title of the Movie:  ______________________ (Holiday)    Opposites ___________ (verb) — and sparks ___________ (verb) — when _________ (female name), a sassy ___________ (profession), and ___________ (male name), a ___________ (adjective) sports reporter, find themselves fighting over the same __________ (noun). But can ___________ (emotion) turn into love?   Meanwhile, the reporter’s ___________ (family member) […]

Dirty Dancing as directed by David Lynch

Just re-watched Dirty Dancing (1987) last night for my class, and I loved it more than I remembered. (Maybe I’d never seen it all the way through, having only caught sections of it on TV?) Anyway, I also saw Flashdance for the first time this week, and Dirty Dancing is clearly the superior film. Then […]


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