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In which I talk about talking about writing. And editing.


Title of the Movie:  ______________________ (Holiday)    Opposites ___________ (verb) — and sparks ___________ (verb) — when _________ (female name), a sassy ___________ (profession), and ___________ (male name), a ___________ (adjective) sports reporter, find themselves fighting over the same __________ (noun). But can ___________ (emotion) turn into love?   Meanwhile, the reporter’s ___________ (family member)Continue reading “Hope you like HIGH CONCEPT MAD-LIBS”

Let’s Bracket This Conversation I was recently invited to participate in my friend’s March Madness NCAA Bracket. Two years ago, Josh and I actually won the bracket, with only his near-encyclopedic knowledge of sports and my flair for picking cool names at our disposal. (Seriously, I love a good name. Who wants to accompany me to the horse races?)Continue reading “Let’s Bracket This Conversation”


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