That Kind of Blog Post: Lena Dunham’s New Book Cover


This cover art, which totally smacks of women’s lib aesthetic, has been compared to that of Jacqueline Susann; I got a more self-help-y vibe from it, but whatever, I see it. That said, Dunham is so much more of an Erica Jong than a Jacqueline Susann! Anyone who likes Girls should probably give Fear of Flying a try, though it would be really disheartening and sad to see paperbacks of Flying stamped with stickers reading “If you like Girls“. 

What I love about this cover — and I do love it — is that it gives a nod to the second-wave feminism that set America up for Girls, both in its ground-breaking gender politics and its problematics around the treatment of race and class. Neither Tina Fey nor Mindy Kaling’s books did that. So Lena Dunham wins this round.

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