The Power of the Woman Comedy Duo: Parkham and St Clair

In a world full of Mean Girls, women both Desperate and Devious, and titular Mistresses, it can be hard to find representations of real female friendships in film and television. Even Bridesmaids, which I totally loved, gave the audience a dose of girl-on-girl cattiness to help us wash down the unfamiliar taste of women who support, care for, and love each other.

If you’re like me, you actually like your girlfriends — and find it surprisingly easy to ignore or avoid those people who bait you or get your goat. Where does a person like me look for representations like that?

For some reason, ukelele duos are a good place to start. The Hazzards (formerly the Ukes of Hazzard) made a splash a few years back with their song “Gay Boyfriend,” but the group to watch now is Garfunkel and Oates. Youtube is blowing up with songs like “Pregnant Women Are Smug” and “Weed Card.” Not all of their songs are about men — though, to be fair, a lot of them are. And they’re pretty funny. May I recommend their performance at the Independent Spirit Awards (also on Youtube)? If you are a movie buff, and you like to watch movie professionals pretend to enjoy being made fun of, it’s the video for you. Extra bonus: Bryan Cranston is in it. It brings that special “Cranston-Factor,” ya know? (cr: Colbert’s rendition of “Get Lucky,” Cranston going full-on DISCO)

I’m losing focus. There really is too much to watch on the internet.

I just wanted to alert my lovely readers to Lennon Parkham and Jessica St. Clair and their comedy contributions. Their excellent sitcom, Best Friends Forever, was cancelled because NBC basically threw it out with the trash and publicized it all wrong. The show’s die-hard fans, of which am I am one, were not wrong to be crushed by the cancellation. The show had so much potential. It’s about best friends, played by Parkham and St. Clair, with Parkham’s boyfriend played Luka Jones. Jones’ role was originally supposed to be played by Adam Pally, which somehow makes sense, because if you loved the show Happy Endings, you need to watch BFF. There are only six episodes. They are free on Hulu. If you watch them all in one sitting, it’s like you watched a witty and funny movie. C’mon, don’t deprive yourself.

Well, it would seem that Parkham and St. Clair are getting a second chance at this whole sitcom thing, with Playing House premiering on USA next year. They play best friends again, and it is their improvisational stylings and their genuine chemistry that makes it worth tuning in.


It’s time for a little TV BRA-mance, whaddaya say?

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