Italy and Seeking Out the Art Historian Within

Recently returned from my trip to Rome and Florence. While it was a beautiful and exciting trip, it made me realize how much I don’t know about art. And I don’t mean facts or history, really… I mean, simply, what to look at or for when I’m taking in an overwhelming Baroque sculpture gallery. There is just SO much art that if you spend a polite 30 seconds on each piece that you come across in the museums, churches, and even on the street, you will never make it out of the country alive. (This is particularly true in the summer time: it’s HOT, and the Italians are not as urgently in love with air conditioning as American ol’ me.)

Sometimes I had deep thoughts. Looking at Michelangelo’s incomplete statues, I thought how these figures look as though they are striving to emerge from the stone. It encapsulates and analogizes the struggle to make art. Yadda yadda get a load of this!


But mostly, I was like: Whoa, this self-portrait of Rembrandt looks a lot like Martin Freeman from Sherlock.



And, HEY, Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan should star in a movie called “Botticelli Chicks.” (I know, I know, I’d probably have to pay Amy Heckerling residuals for the title, but it’d be totally worth it!) No idea what the movie would be about, if it would be set in the past or present or what. Maybe a past-as-present thing like Marie Antoinette? Just look at these faces!


Also, as my Facebook friends know, all the Renaissance art made me wonder about what happened to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie I was promised.

I guess I’m not the next Michael Fried. Suppose I may have to stick to what I know — popular culture and my favorite of all Italian art forms: FOOD.


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