Title of the Movie: 

______________________ (Holiday) 


Opposites ___________ (verb) — and sparks ___________ (verb) — when _________ (female name), a sassy ___________ (profession), and ___________ (male name), a ___________ (adjective) sports reporter, find themselves fighting over the same __________ (noun). But can ___________ (emotion) turn into love?


Meanwhile, the reporter’s ___________ (family member) has a week to find a date to his ______________ (rite of passage), and his best friend has only 24 hours to ____________ (verb) the President of ____________ (country)… or else. 


And did we mention there were ____________ (mythical creatures)? Yeah, those too.


Fun for the whole family or for a date night out, this movie is ____________ (movie title) meets ______________ (a different movie title)! With a killer soundtrack from pop sensation ____________ (famous musician).


Coming to Video-on-___________ (verb) same day as ___________ (plural noun)!

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